Back to the Future:

How Large Retailers are Fighting Disruption With Nimble IT/Business Processes


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More so than ever before, large retailers are fighting the threat of disruption. Their customer base is under attack from all sides, from behemoths like Amazon to hyper-focused companies that excel at selling only one thing.

Traditional retailers’ biggest assets and differentiation points are typically bundled with their IT, and can be difficult to unlock quickly. By tying discrete business value propositions to a strong API strategy, the business can quickly and effectively react to changing business needs while leveraging existing assets - allowing them to disrupt the disruptors!

Meet Your Presenters

Olaf van Gorp

Olaf van Gorp
Technical Sales Europe, Akana

Olaf van Gorp is an expert on API management. He has been working with API management solutions for close to a decade, the last four of which he dedicated to the Akana API Management Platform. As an Akana specialist, Olaf seeks to help customers that are looking for ways to effectively handle their APIs, in particular from an API security perspective. Security being among his foremost interests, it is not surprising that Olaf shows a keen interest in open banking and the role APIs play in that domain. He has published a number of blog articles on the subject and is intends to write many more. Also, Olaf participates in webinars and regularly acts as a speaker on international events.

Doug Brochu

Doug Brochu
Chief Executive Officer, Bridge Solutions Group

Doug joined Bridge Solutions Group in 2011 and has built it into one of the fastest growing supply chain consulting companies, delivering strategy and technology solutions for omni-channel, intelligent fulfillment, and B2B. Doug has over 25 years of global supply chain management and consulting experience, with specialties in order management, warehouse management, and enterprise software strategy, with industry experience spanning manufacturing, retail, distribution, and logistics.

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