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Innovation Without Compromise

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Embedded software industries — including industrial automation, transportation, and healthcare — want to create innovative software. However, before they can do that, they must first meet stringent safety and security criteria while also assuring compliance and providing efficient, effective software delivery.

In this special panel discussion, we will discuss:

  • Common opportunities and challenges faced by industrial and embedded system companies.
  • Current safety and security best practices that enable innovation.
  • Expert guidance on tools and technologies to enable innovators to focus on their goals while remaining complaint.
  • How to align an organization’s strategies and business goals with innovation-led approaches.

GigaOm Research Analyst Jon Collins, Perforce SCA Specialist & Technical Services Lead Steve Howard, and Klocwork Product Manager Stuart Foster explain how industrial and embedded systems providers can deliver on both innovation and compliance goals.


Jon Collins

Jon Collins
Analyst, GigaOm Research

Jon Collins is a seasoned analyst and technology commentator. With 28 years’ background in the technology industry, Jon has a deep understanding of global infrastructures, architectures, security and governance, as well as hands-on experience of delivery in a variety of sectors. Jon is author of a Security Architect book for the British Computer Society and co-author of The Technology Garden, which offers jargon-free advice on sustainable IT delivery.

Stuart Foster

Stuart Foster
Product Manager, Klocwork

Stuart Foster has over 10 years of experience in mobile and software development. He has managed product development of consumer apps and enterprise software. Currently, he manages Klocwork, one of Perforce’s market-leading code quality management solutions. He believes in developing products, features, and functionality that fit customer business needs and helps developers produce secure, reliable, and defect-free code.

Steve Howard

Steve Howard
SCA Specialist & Technical Services Lead, Perforce

Steve Howard has over 20 years of experience in software development — specifically in static code analysis. Howard is the SCA Specialist/Partner Support, EMEA for Perforce.

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