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Forrester Research Report: Weighing the Options to Oracle’s New Java SE Subscription

Software development teams are under more pressure than ever to cost-effectively deliver feature-rich software faster. As Oracle has announced it is starting to charge for its Java SE subscriptions, perhaps your organization is already looking into OpenJDK as an alternative to eliminate Java SE subscription costs while keeping your organization equipped to meet internal and external demands. OpenJDK can certainly be part of this solution. 

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Read this February 2019 report to learn:
  • Alternatives for your organizations to consider
  • The importance of conducting a self-audit
  • How to determine the right path for your organization.

“Rogue Wave’s OpenLogic offering includes migration and support services to OpenJDK and a catalog of more than 200 open source technologies, including guaranteed service level agreements and a consultative support with direct access to enterprise architects.”

It's time to decide

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